The ImpactAimers youth camp is unique in its kind as it is entirely organised and facilitated by fellow changemakers from across Europe and North Africa. The youth camp was founded in Istanbul where Bontu, Francesco, Greta, Ingi and Yanis met during the 2015 ChangemakersXchange summit.

Bontu, Francesco, Greta, Ingi and Yanis pour their skills, experiences and knowledge as changemakers into ImpactAimers’ workshops and activities to inspire and support fellow young changemakers.

Bontu Guschke, Project Management and Logistics

Bontu was the co-founder of Über den Tellerrand, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Berlin that aims to improve the integration of refugees into  German society. ÜdT reaches out to both refugees and natives, putting the issue asylum into a new, positive perspective, creating awareness of the diversity and cultural richness of our fellow human beings and giving way to valuable encounters with one another. Additionally she holds a BA in communications and works as a consultant to international social change projects. In September 2016 she will start her Masters Degree in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School.


Francesco Perconti, Funding and Logistics

Francesco is the co-founder of PYC – Palermo Youth Centre. PYC is the first youth centre in Palermo and it currently hosts over 10 youth organisations. It is a place open to anyone who wants to be active in their society and increase his/her awareness on the issues that affect their town. PYC is a place in which youngsters can meet, study, attend courses, seminars, and cultural events (such as concerts, arts exhibitions, etc.).



Greta Rossi, Programme and Communications

Greta is the co-founder and Chief Empathy Officer (CEO) of Ākāśa Innovation, a not-for-profit social enterprise in London that prepares, inspires and empowers a new generation of changemakers to co-create a world for all life to flourish in. Greta holds a BA (Hons) in International Relations and is a qualified youth coach and a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).



Ingi Mehus, Communications and Funding

Ingi is the founder of Pocket Stories, a not-for-profit organisation in Amsterdam that aims to tell the other story of migrants and cultures in media through online and offline projects. Pocket Stories uses creative storytelling (oral, written, photography, etc.) and travel-like experiences (food, art, music, etc.) to spark positive curiosity for migration. All projects are co-designed and implemented with locals, migrants and relevant organisations.



Yanis Bouda, Programme and Project Management

Yanis is the co-founder of the Algerian Center For Social Entrepreneurship, a not-for-profit organization that addresses Algeria’s most pressing social issues and challenges through social entrepreneurship and gets the Algerian youth involved in the development of their country and the co-creation of sustainable solutions through social business that create sustainable jobs, dynamise disadvantaged areas, protect the environment, and  empower women and the youth. He holds an engineering degree in Information Systems and Computer Science and has several years of experience in civil society and youth development projects consultancy.




“The quality of the trainers is what made this summit stand out. It was clear they crafted the workshops to help us discover our purpose. At the end we felt the change within ourselves.” – Afaf, Algiers 2016
“I now have hope for a peaceful future with a lovely family. Because I know that there are lots of motivated changemakers and all we have to do is take the first step together.” – Hani, Algiers 2016
“It was an amazing experience. I felt inspired and encouraged and I charged my batteries with positivity and hopefulness!” – Sarra, Algiers 2016
“What counts at the end is the positive impact we made on others and ourselves… Because it does not matter where in the world we are, we will always remember it.” – Hadjar, Algiers 2016