ImpactAimers is unique in its kind as it is entirely organised and facilitated by young social entrepreneurs and changemakers. The initiative was founded during the ChangemakerXchange summit in Istanbul in May 2015. Together, the core team brings 3 years of coaching experience, 10+ years of workshop facilitation, and 10+ years of experience in social entrepreneurship.

Currently, the core team consists of three young changemakers who are members of the ChangemakerXchange community. Bontu Guschke was the co-founder of Über den Tellerrand and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School. Greta Rossi is the co-founder of Akasha Innovation and Recipes for Wellbeing, and a Project Manager for ChangemakerXchange and Social Innovation to Tackle Fuel Poverty. Ingi Mehus is the founder of Pocket Stories and shares a passion for storytelling, social and cultural inclusion, and youth empowerment. Other co-founders include social entrepreneur Francesco Perconti (Italy) and Yanis Bouda (Algeria), who are currently dedicating their talents to other social change initiatives. 



“The quality of the trainers is what made this summit stand out. It was clear they crafted the workshops to help us discover our purpose. At the end we felt the change within ourselves.” – Afaf, Algeria 2016
“I now have hope for a peaceful future with a lovely family. Because I know that there are lots of motivated changemakers and all we have to do is take the first step together.” – Hani, Algeria 2016
“It was an amazing experience. I felt inspired and encouraged and I charged my batteries with positivity and hopefulness!” – Sarra, Algeria 2016
“What counts at the end is the positive impact we made on others and ourselves… Because it does not matter where in the world we are, we will always remember it.” – Hadjar, Algeria 2016