Global Partners

changemakerxchange logoChangemakerXchange

Istanbul, May 2015. This is where it all started. We met at the ChangemakerXchange summit, a gathering for young social entrepreneurs across Europe and the MENA region hosted by Ashoka Turkey. We are forever grateful to Nick and Matthias for bringing us together and believing in our project when it was just a seed. They have inspired us to become changemaker-makers!


RBSRobert Bosch Stiftung

The ChangemakerXchange is an initiative originally created in Istanbul by Ashoka and is supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung. In addition to hosting onsite conferences in Istanbul, Berlin, Hiroshima and Marrakech, Ashoka has created the “ChangemakerXchange Fund” that is generously supported by the German foundation. There would not be any ImpactAimers without Robert Bosch Stiftung’s passionate commitment to innovative changemaker projects across Europe and the MENA region.

Local Partners

Acse LogoAlgerian Center for Social Entrepreneurship

ACSE is a not-for-profit organisation, which aims to develop the spirit of social entrepreneurship in Algeria. Considering its great work with young people, students in particular, to unleash their immense creativity to spark an entrepreneurial spirit that sees challenges as opportunities for positive change, ACSE seemed the perfect local host for our first ever youth camp! 

Jazair Ta3mal LogoDjazair Ta3mal

Djazair Ta3mal is a platform that aims to improve young people’s employability by promoting entrepreneurship and community engagement. They have kindly offered to host our first ImpactAimers youth camp at their office downtown Algiers and we are very grateful for their support!


ecf_logo_screen_ECF_logo_smallEuropean Cultural Foundation

Thanks to the STEP Beyond Grant we received from the European Cultural Foundation, we were able to cover the international travel costs to and from Algeria for the first youth camp in February 2016. The support from such a prestigious institution reinforces our commitment to contributing to the development of social entrepreneurship within Europe and the MENA region.


plaque_updateSocial Enterprise Development Company

SEDCo is an Irish-based social enterprise incubator and community of changemakers. SEDCo’s mission is to transform Ireland in to a country in which social enterprise is achieving its potential, by empowering a community of people and organisations who are dedicated to starting and scaling social businesses. We are extremely honoured that SEDCo has agreed to be our local host and co-sponsor for ImpactAimers Ireland!