Ireland 2016

In collaboration with our local host and partner SEDCo, ImpactAimers hosted a fully subsidised four-day youth summit in Ireland on 13-16 October 2016 to empower 19 young changemakers in Ireland, aged between 18 and 30, to kick-start their career as social entrepreneurs.

Immersed in the beautiful natural surroundings of Slane, the participants engaged in a series of peer-coaching workshops, self-led open-space sessions, inspiring storytelling activities and other creative pursuits with the goal of embarking upon a process of self-discovery to find out their own unique changemaker purpose. The adaptive flow of the exchange allowed  participants to foster meaningful relationships and create a sense of belonging to a like-minded community, with the hope to create a supportive network of changemakers in Ireland that can work together to solve Ireland’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. 

We dedicated much time to further develop the content of the youth summit from our first experience in Algeria and the result was a longer, more in-depth transformative journey. Here is a brief summary of all the activities that took place over the course of four days together.

  • Two opening and closing circles, to explore participants’ goals, gifts, and values and evaluate their experience and learning.
  • Three core workshops to help participants discover their changemaker purpose and act upon it: “Who am I?”, “What’s my purpose?”, and “From dream to reality”.
  • Three storytelling activities to encourage openness, trust, and sharing: “Forum circle”, “Discovering my story”, and “Mistakes worth spreading”.
  • One interactive workshop on social entrepreneurship and the challenges and opportunities for social entrepreneurs in Ireland, led by our local host and partner.
  • Six participant-led open space sessions on various topics, such as “From volunteer to CEO” and “Systems change”.
  • Three wellbeing sessions: “Mindfulness meditation”, “Self-care for changemakers”, and “Collaborative painting”.
  • Five action-learning sessions to use the collective intelligence of the group to solve real problems in real time.


Discover more about the impact of our second youth summit by viewing our visual impact report, by watching our impact video, and by reading our extended impact report. You can also view some pictures by visiting our Facebook page. Finally, we invite you to view our 1-year impact report, assessing the effectiveness of our work one year after the end of the youth summit.



“It makes me smile when I think about it. It was definitely confidence boosting and life-changing. It cemented for me what I deep down already knew but was maybe too afraid to admit.” – Lauren, Ireland 2016
“Phenomenal, absolutely loved it all.” – Rian, Ireland 2016
“ImpactAimers truly helped me in a moment of struggle. Overall it was an experience of self-discovery and self-love while meeting truly inspiring people and creating a community that supports each other and cares about being kind to one another.” – Chiara, Ireland 2016
“My overall experience was amazing, I feel confident, liberated, inspired, ambitious, but most of all I feel I can actually be a changemaker.” – Megan, Ireland 2016