Algeria 2016

ImpactAimers hosted a fully subsidised three-day youth camp in Algeria on 19-21 February 2016 to empower 18 young changemakers in Algeria, aged between 18 and 30, to kick-start their career as social entrepreneurs.

The youth camp guided young people through an exploration of their talents and gifts to discover their own unique purpose using tools such as storytelling and peer coaching. It also enabled them to foster meaningful relationships through open space sessions and small group activities, with the purpose of sparking new collaborations to create social and environmental ventures that will benefit all sectors of the Algerian society.

The ImpactAimers youth camp is unique in its kind as it is entirely organised and facilitated by fellow young social entrepreneurs from all over Europe and the MENA region. The direct involvement of successful young social entrepreneurs ensures that each participant receives personalised support to take the first steps in their journey, as well as authentic and hands-on insights into the life of social entrepreneurs.


Discover more about the impact of our first youth camp by viewing our visual impact report, by watching our impact video, and by reading our blog post published on Salt Magazine. You can also view some pictures by visiting our Facebook page.



“ImpactAimers was an awesome, magical, and incredible experience. There are no words to describe it; you have to join a summit to understand how life changing it is!” – Karima, Algiers 2016
“It was the best and the most impactful experience in my life. Thanks to ImpactAimers, I have changed the way I see myself and other people.” – Sid Ali, Algiers 2016
“It felt like we were a family in just three days despite not knowing each other before the summit. We built up strong friendships and it was a unique and beautiful experience.” – Meriem, Algiers 2016
“Sharing my mistakes in front of others was one of the biggest challenges I faced in the summit. As I talked about my experience, I felt something changing inside me, allowing me to be more courageous.” – Hicham, Algiers 2016