Algeria 2016

ImpactAimers hosted a fully subsidised three-day youth summit in Algeria on 19-21 February 2016 to empower 18 young changemakers in Algeria, aged between 18 and 30, to kick-start their career as social entrepreneurs.

We guided aspiring changemakers through a powerful journey of inner transformation aimed to help them discover their unique purpose and take the first steps to become effective social entrepreneurs. Throughout the three days, we hosted a series of workshops and activities to support them in each phase of the journey.

Day 1

After welcoming the participants, we hosted an opening circle to explore what they wanted to achieve from the summit, as well as what resources they could contribute and what values they wanted to honour whilst working together. After this initial contracting, we organised a few different activities to help them get to know each other better and to identify their journey so far. We also hosted a workshop to provide them with a context of the landscape for social entrepreneurship in Algeria, followed by a series of short sessions on key opportunities and challenges for social entrepreneurs. We concluded the day with a nice meal and storytelling.

Day 2

The day started with an optional mindfulness meditation session, which was attended by everyone in the group. Feeling calm and peaceful, the participants delved deeper into discovering their purpose with the support of various peer-coaching tools. After a long lunch exploring downtown Algiers, the participants took on a leading role and hosted a total of eight open space sessions, on topics ranging from leadership through self-motivation to optimism. After dinner, we hosted one of the most powerful activities of the entire summits, where participants and facilitators shared stories of failure, so that we could all learn from each other’s mistakes and become resilient in the face of adversities.

Day 3

We started the day by engaging in an optional collaborative painting jam session, which was attended by the majority of participants. This activity allowed everyone to get into a creative flow and reflect on their experience on the summit through other means. Feeling energised and uplifted, participants engaged in a deep reflective workshop to move their dream into reality and identify their next steps. We dedicated the first part of the afternoon to helping a few participants solve a challenge they were facing using the power of our community. After these effective action learning session, we hosted a closing circle, where we invited participants to evaluate if they had achieved their goals, contributed their gifts, honoured their values, and to share any final reflections with the group.


Discover more about the impact of our first youth summit by viewing our visual impact report, by watching our impact video, and by reading our blog post published on Salt Magazine. You can also view some pictures by visiting our Facebook page. Finally, we invite you to view our 1-year impact report, assessing the effectiveness of our work one year after the end of the youth summit.



“ImpactAimers was an awesome, magical, and incredible experience. There are no words to describe it; you have to join a summit to understand how life changing it is!” – Karima, Algeria 2016
“It was the best and the most impactful experience in my life. Thanks to ImpactAimers, I have changed the way I see myself and other people.” – Sid Ali, Algeria 2016
“It felt like we were a family in just three days despite not knowing each other before the summit. We built up strong friendships and it was a unique and beautiful experience.” – Meriem, Algeria 2016
“Sharing my mistakes in front of others was one of the biggest challenges I faced in the summit. As I talked about my experience, I felt something changing inside me, allowing me to be more courageous.” – Hicham, Algeria 2016