Vision and mission

ImpactAimers envisions a future where young people follow their unique purpose to co-create a better world. However, many young people are excluded from opportunities that allow them to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to contribute positively to society. We host subsidised youth summits to inspire, connect, and empower young people around the world, aged between 18 and 30, to kick-start their career as changemakers.

Youth summits

Our youth summits guide young people through an exploration of their talents and gifts to discover their own unique purpose using tools such as storytelling, sharing circles, and peer coaching. They also enable them to foster meaningful relationships through open space sessions and small group activities, with the purpose of sparking new collaborations to create social and environmental initiatives that will benefit their economy and society. Finally, the youth summits represent an opportunity for changemakers to join a global community of young people who are committed to using social enterprise to achieve positive change.

Transformative journey

One of the unique features of ImpactAimers is its view of young people as whole beings. If we want young people to bring about social change in the world, we have to first guide them through a process of self-discovery and self-transformation to make the necessary leap in consciousness that will allow them to actualise their potential. Our youth summits focus on the inner journey of transformation through a collective experience. Participants leave the youth summits with a renewed sense of hope for and confidence in their own contribution to society. They benefit from an open and emergent structure to the camp where the development of affective, cognitive and functional competences is facilitated through different kinds of workshops and activities.


  • Identify the current and future challenges society faces.
  • Understand the key opportunities offered by the fields of social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and changemaking to addressed the identified challenges.
  • Learn the importance of essential mindsets and skillsets for being an effective changemaker.


  • Commitment to their unique purpose as a changemaker.
  • Resilience to bounce back from any setback and carry on with their work.
  • Compassion to improve their relationships with themselves and others.


  • Map the issue they care about.
  • Design strategies to tackle the issue.
  • Collaborate with others to co-create change.

Core values

ImpactAimers supports each young person in discovering their unique purpose and identifying the best path towards becoming a changemaker. It values and celebrates the unique contribution of each individual, without discrimination based on race, colour, religion, gender, creed, national origin, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation. It believes that change does not happen in isolation so it nurtures a safe environment where the sharing of ideas and skills can thrive. It also fosters a spirit of collaboration among young social entrepreneurs where all resources are allocated to designing, implementing, delivering, and improving the youth summits. Finally, it listens to the feedback of its members in order to respond to their needs and evolve to serve people and planet.



“Regardless of where we come from, regardless of our differences, we share the same purpose to make positive change for humanity and the Earth.” – Hakima, Algeria 2016
“ImpactAimers helped me to make a change, starting from myself. I have become more sociable, confident and courageous and I am now sure that the chain of change starts from changing ourselves.” – Mohammed, Algeria 2016
“I learned that motivation, hard work and commitment are the tools social entrepreneurs have to create positive impact.” – Amira, Algeria 2016
“By being honest with myself during the workshops, I discovered the powerful impact of love in my life, something I had underestimated until then.” – Ikram, Algeria 2016